Nitin Kumar is a Software Architect as profession but developer by heart, predominately focus on Agile, TDD, Service Oriented Architecture, and Grails last but not least JEE. Besides working in software development, He writes technical articles and watch and study new technologies.
He has been in IT for over 13 years in various blue chips companies and advocating on Craftsmanship, Domain driven development, TDD, Refactoring , Pair- Programming and lean development.
He has expertise in high performance Java system and contributed to various open source projects like Grails, JAX-RS, and Agile Development etc.
He has a Post Graduate in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Math. He believes that there’s always a room for improvement of skills you already have and plenty of things to learn ahead
Contact Me
To contact me, please leave a comment on this site, or use Twitter or LinkedIn or Mail Me @.



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