Grails Services


Grails Service uses to separate your business logic from the other layer or component. Services are named in the format SomeNameService.groovy and placed in the directory /grails-app/services/. Services can make use of dependency injection features, and you can easily call these services from within controllers.

Class SearchableService {
Booleab transactional =true
def compass
def compassGps
def searchableMethodFactory
def search (Object[] args){

Above depicts the SearchableService

SearchableService (stored in grailsapp/services) got added to the SearchableController automatically using single line def searchableService right after the class declaration of the Controller. This is the way Grails uses dependency injection, or “DI” for short. Unit Testing Controllers


Grails plugins are like JARs on steroids. They can include not only one or more JARs, but also GSPs, Controllers, TagLibs, Codecs, and more. In essence, they are mini Grails applications expressly meant to be merged with other Grails applications.


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