Template engine on Web development

A template engine is a generic tool used on web development to process web templates and content information to produce output web documents. Template Engine as a processor is most frequently used in the context of development for the web

e.g. XSLT is a template processing model designed by W3C. It is designed primarily for transformations on XML data (into web documents or other output).
There are many open source template engine available to generate web document such as
  1.  Free Marker: http://freemarker.sourceforge.net/
  2.  Apache Velocity: http://velocity.apache.org/


  1. High Maintainability: Predefined “templates” which can be changed easily. 
  2. Separation: It separate your business logic from your presentation design
  3. Clean & Standard code:  Standard based on template design
  4. Consistent UI coding:  Developers have to always follows template design for UI development
  5. High Reusability : Reuse existing template across the application UI development


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